AAAI-19 Workshop on

Network Interpretability for Deep Learning


This workshop aims to bring together researchers, engineers, students in both academic and industrial communities who concern about the interpretability of deep learning models and, more importantly, the safety of applying these complex deep models in critical applications such as the medical diagnosis and the autonomous driving. Efforts along this direction are expected to open the black box of deep neural networks for better understanding and to build more transparent deep models which are interpretable to humans. Therefore, the main theme of the workshop is to build up consensus on the emerging topic of the network interpretability, by clarifying the motivation, the typical methodologies, the prospective trends, and the potential industrial applications of the network interpretability.



We are calling for extended abstracts with 2—4 pages and full submissions with 6—8 pages. All the accepted papers will not be included in the proceedings of AAAI 2019, but we will publish workshop proceedings on

Please submit workshop papers to

Submission deadline: November 5(extended to November 8), 2018

Notification date: November 26, 2018


Please contact Quanshi Zhang if you have question.